Case Study : Cooling Pipe

         The cooling pipe have coated long time (more than 6Years) and deteriorate. The pipe have rust and corroded by chemical from cleaner and environment.

         Prepare surface with grinding machine to rid the rust surface.clean dirt ,oil and contaminate from the surface.
         Becareful about the process prepare surface this process very important. if have any rusted on surface may be the cause of coating failure.
         While prepare surface in case of pipe damage  and water leaks,use emergency stop tape leakage to stop water. No need Welding Equipment.
         After stop water leak, Apply primer and top coat by Epoxy Solventfree for protect rust and chemical attack. Then apply last top coat by PU UV Resistance.

         After coating. Customer can extend life of cooling pipe. and the condition of pipe can resist the chemical and moisture prevent rust. also colorful and looking good.