Metal Type

          A solid material, which is typically hard, malleable, shiny, fusible, and ductile, is known as metals. E.g. iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, sodium, lead, zinc, etc. Normally, metals have good electrical and thermal conductivity.

Solid Metal

  • Metals, in their pure state, have a shining surface, known as metallic luster.
  • Metals can be beaten into thin sheets; this property is known as malleability.
  • The property of metals to be drawn into the thin wires is known as ductility. E.g. gold is the most ductile metal.
  • Silver and copper are the best heat conductor.


  • The non-metals are normally found in either solids or gases states. However, bromine is an exception that found in liquid state.
  • Some of the major examples of non-metals are carbon, sulphur, iodine, oxygen, hydrogen, etc.

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