Flooring Epoxy 8 Systems

Coating/Flooring Epoxy  8 Systems

Application & TrafficLoading:

  • Traffic Area such as Walk Way, Forklift Path.
  • Condition of Area such as  Wet or Dry Area.
  • Chemical such as Chemical Loading Area.

Moisture in Concrete

Test by Moisture Test Must not exceed 4% otherwise epoxy maybe swelling Unless System 3,5 and 6 that can protection moisture.

Flooring Epoxy 8 Systems 4
Flooring Epoxy 8 Systems 5

The smoothness of the surface

The surface of Epoxy will depend to condition of the surface of concrete.

Epoxy can built the surface smooth but depend on thickness for the system.

Flooring Epoxy 8 Systems

  1. 3 Layer Sealing Coat
  2. Self-Leveling Epoxy
  3. Epoxy Mortar System
  4. Multi-layer Epoxy
  5. Moisture Barrier Epoxy
  6. Water based Epoxy Coating
  7. Anti-static epoxy floor coating
  8. LH Sealer XTM System