Case Study :The old waterproofing system is not working and the leak problem.

         The Inverted Roof Systems is the best technology for 20 Years ago. After long time the materials degenerated.  Now customer facing the leak problem but the inverted roof systems cannot spot repair. Because the top coat is sand and stone on the PU Foam insulation and the bottom is membrane. It’s cannot detect the leak areas. And the weight too heavy it’s very difficult to repair.

          Have to demolish all the old coating (Sand + PU Foam + Membrane) and coating by new method But the process dismantle very difficult take a long time and labor cost very expensive.

 After Process dismantle.
          When clean all the dirt, oil and contaminant off. Then repair the crack and damaged by sealant and putty. Second apply the primer and Topcoat by Polyurethane for Waterproof.The new method can spot repair and easy to inspect where are leaks.