Concrete Coating Process

Step 1 : Surface Preparing

Concrete Coating Process 1

All the success of a concrete repair work depends on the surface preparation. Similarly, repairs to reinforced concrete must include proper preparation of the reinforcing steel to develop a bond with the new concrete. Surface preparation is the final preparation of the concrete surface to receive the repair materials. Each repair material needs a particular type of surface preparation but generally the concrete surface must not be too smooth, too rough, or too irregular. In many repair situations, the proposed repair requires only surface roughening, exposure of coarse or fine aggregate, removal of a thin layer of damaged concrete, or cleaning of the concrete surface.

Step 2 : Flooring System

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Primer Coat

primer 1

You’ve got your painter’s tape, roller brushes, plenty of tarp, and a gallon or two of your meticulously chosen new concrete paint color—it’s the one, and you can’t wait to see how vibrant it looks overtop of that dull concrete wall or floor. But wait just a minute there, antsy homeowner—you’re forgetting something.

If you want to paint a concrete surface, whether inside or outside of your home, it’s important that you properly prepare the surface first. One crucial part of the process is using a high quality primer—this is what acts a go-between for concrete surfaces and paint. Primer guarantees that your paint will stay put by providing the texture necessary for the paint to adhere to the surface.

Rebuild & Repair

Concrete and joint deterioration happens to any slab over its lifetime; concrete damage occurs as changes in temperature, heavy equipment operation, heavy traffic, slab settlement, and chemical exposure occur in the course of daily operations. Our team of experts will ensure that these damages are identified, assessed and repaired before the new flooring system is installed.

Intermediate Coat

Moisture in Concrete Test by Moisture Test Must not exceed 4% otherwise epoxy maybe swelling Unless System 3,5 and 6 that can protection moisture.

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The smoothness of the surface

The surface of Epoxy will depend to condition of the surface of concrete.

Epoxy can built the surface smooth but depend on thickness for the system.

Step 3 : Top Coat

Concrete Coating Process 13

The epoxy of surface it will different at the top coat only.If customer need the Gloss ,Matt, Anti slip even clear surface can do.