Universal Spill Kit

Oil Only Wheeled Spill Kit 
Oil-only spill kits contain all the materials you need for a fast and effective oil spill cleanup.
These kits contain oil absorbents that absorb oil and petroleum – or other hydrocarbon-based products. While repelling water. Some oil spill kits in this line may include personal protective equipment for personnel. Ideal for use on dry land and bodies of water like streams, harbors, rivers and other waterways.




Item Q’ty/Set Item Q’ty/Set
Wheelie Bin 1 Oil Eater Cleaner 3.78Ltr. 2
Oil Absorbent Sheet
(40cm*50cm * 3mm)
100 Nitrile Gloves 7
Oil Absorbent Sock
6 Safety Glass 3
Oil Absorbent Pillow
(25cm x 35cm x3cm)
6 Disposal Bags 10
Oil Absorbent Boom
3 Weight 55Kg.
Oil Absorbent Big Boom
1 Dimension (mm) 580 *716 *1000


Universal Spill Kit 2

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