Oil Only Absorbent Boom

Oil only absorbents are made of meltblown polypropylene. With the features of high ability
of oil absorbing, non-deformation, easy collecting, it is widely used for maritime, aviation, surface oil spill, or oil trucks & fuel tank leakage; and also for machinery, instruments on the workshop to improve the working environment and production safety.

Oil absorbent booms can be used to handle all types of hydrocarbon spills such as fuel oils,
hydraulic oil, gasoline, diesel, motor oil, jet fuel and kerosene. Not to be used for acids, aggressive fluids or
water based chemicals



Quick Overview :

White in color to easily see if saturated.
Super absorbent polypropylene construction.
Will float on water even if saturated with hydrocarbons.
Not suitable for water based liquids.
Strong outer mesh construction.
Have sturdy nylon rope with steel clips to easily connect together.
Easy to deploy.
Very easy to retrieve because of quality construction of the linking system.
Cost effective.
Use the number of booms needed for the size of spill.

Size Q’ty/Bag Absorbency
12.7cm. x 300cm. 4 Pc./Bag 120Kg./Bag.
20cm. x 300cm. 4 Pc./Bag 260Kg./Bag


Oil Only Absorbent Boom 2

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