Epigen FC3


  • Fibre reinforced for strength
  • Resistant to a variety of alkali & acids
  • Food industry suitable
  • Non sag viscosity for easy installation
  • Free of all solvents – zero VOC
  • Tough and durable
  • Suitable on steel to patch all breaks and gaps
  • Exhibits strong adhesive to plastics including PVC


Mixing of product should be carried out using spatula, and completed by blending the component “A” with component “B”. Ensure the mix is homogenous and free from lumps.The final colour shall be even green without streaks. Smear a thin coat of Epigen FC3 to all surfaces before overlaying the paste across the entre area to complete the treatment.

Do not use where a flexible or resilient glue line is required. Recommended where a tough and strong, or heavy shock resistant material is required.In large voids, two applications may be applied to bridgethe gap or lay a stick or rod to aid support of the Epigen FC3. During cure, exotherm can build up to cause sag.

Epigen FC3 2

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