Bauer Trafficrete 102 for Concrete


Trafficrete epoxy products consist of liquid resin and hardener and are mixed with aggregate/sand to become a trowelable concrete or screed.


  • Industrial and heavy duty floorings
  • Civil engineering and structural applications
  • Alkali, acid and saltwater resistant epoxy concrete
  • Epoxy mortars to repair concrete

Special features

  • non-shrink, does not cause druminess when applied in very thin layer



  1. For an extremely high strenght impervious floor topping with exceptional resistance to mechanical wear and tear, with anti-skid preperties and to withstand corrosive chemical spillage.
  • Loading bay, ramps.
  • Bus terminals, warehouses.
  • Dustbin compound, refuse chute base.
  • Food & dairies workshops.
  • Diesels, plating workshops.
  • Heavy engineering plants.
  • Industrial chemical plants.
  • Ship decks.
  • Oil refineries.
  • Sewerage tank, sump pits.

2. Repair of concrete beams and slabs – pestress or  precast , including potholed concrete roadways, floor, and concrete cracks.

3.Building up of concrete roadways after settlement.

4. Making of extra-strong base pad for motor generators and storage tanks.

5. As a repair material for concrete piles, bridge deck.

6. As a high strenght structural adhesives, with non shrink, free flowing, good penetration properties. eg for anchor bolts, starter bars installation.

7. As a fiberglassing and laminating resin – for tank lining, acid protection and other anti-corrosive applications.

8.As a anti-corrosive, smooth or anti-skid industrial and decorative resurfacing over any  existing substrate; wood, concrete or metal.

Bauer Trafficrete 102 for Concrete 2

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