Prolong & Peerless Industrial

Prolong & Peerless Industrial 1
Prolong & Peerless Industrial 2

  • Reduced downtine 
  • Saving on plant & equipment
  • Lower operating costs
  • Easy maintenances
  • Greater Productivity
ABRASION RESISTANT EPOXIES Hard wearing range of advanced, ceramic filled products, for rebuilding, repairng or treating equipment exposed to very severe adrasive and corrosive conditions.EMERGENCY REPAIR EPOXIES Versatile products for effective treatment or repair of equipment when time is restricted or conditions less than ideal.

METAL REPAIR EPOXIES Extremly durable products for use in many different repair, and tooling applications, they can be machined using conventional metal working and engineering tools.

SR POLYURETHANES Tough, flexible products to make fixtures or provide a wide variety of equipment with a durable, highly resilient coating to counter impact, vibration, abrasion and in noise attenuation duties.


Prolong & Peerless Industrial 3

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